Seems like my old comment was kinda mangled. What I wanted to say is that this show is one of the most remarkable I have attended and one of the best I own. With two songs (well, two performances of one song), it demonstrates just how much Jackie Pearson brought to this band. The acoustic Liz Reed is cool; Jack’s solo is straight out of Wes Montgomery and Oteil’s bass solo includes the Grateful Dead’s Fire on the Mountain. When the band started playing that dissonant noise after Nobody Knows, you could almost feel the crowd start to think- “They’re not- are they?” I remember Dickey’s opening volume swells (before the opening cords) being agonizingly slow. And then, as before, Jack takes one of the most mind-blowing solos you’re ever going to hear. He just owns the song. I think he and Oteil work in a tease of Soul Sacrifice (Santana) in there, too. What an amazing player.

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