The appearance on the Tom Snyder show was almost comical. They played a couple songs, then Dickey, Gregg & Butch sat down for an interview (Jaimoe was not in the band at this time; Frankie Toler was).

Snyder says something like, “So your two buddies died. How did you carry on?”

Dickey and Gregg just sat there in stone silence. Finally, Butch speaks up and offers a decent answer, about crying over the losses and then moving on.

Sometime around this TV appearance, the band played a show at the Westchester Premier Theater, just outside NYC. In White Plains, I believe. (It was also once known as the Dick Clark Theater.) That show was nothing to speak of — the band was tired and on its last legs for that lineup.

The concert was on a Sunday night, I believe, and it was snowing. Most likely the 10th or the 17th. But according to the rest of the calendar for January 1982, they were in Florida the day before/after those dates.

So that leaves Sunday the 24th, which would be after the Snyder TV show. Does anybody remember the show in Westchester?

– Tommy S

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