First the good news, the music was great and the musicians were working their tail off and playing a 2-3 hour set to an enthusiastic crowd of about 12,000.

Now, for whatever reason and maybe a sign of things to come, Dickey was extremely angry with this huge, big fat guy in the crowd unexplicably booing (the whole show) whereby despite fans cheering at the top of their lungs this guy could still be heard.

Well, about half-way thru the set, Dickey exploded with “Fuc? You” with his finger pointed directly at the guy for about three or four times and called him out, “You fat son-of-a-bi?ch!”

After Dickey got it out of his sytem he was fine and so was the band.

The only musical criticism this night that I could point out I thought was that Frankie Toler (replaced Jaimoe) and Butch were a little zealous on the drums I thought at times. However, to be fair to both of them I actually think part of that was intentional because Butch was putting more emphasis on being louder with the departure of Jaimore at the time.

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