I was there in the near 100 degree heat at JFK along with 110,000 crammed people to see the all day show called “The Round Up” which featured other southern acts such as the Marshall Tucker Band and the Outlaws. The ABB came on midway through the day (3rd act/5 acts total) and Marshall Tucker closed the show.

The biggest ovation came during “Ramblin Man” when the whole stadium was swaying around and around singing the chorus. The Outlaws drew a huge ovation for their “Green Grass & High Tides which was nicely done.

The show ended near or during the 6 pm hour when Marshall Tucker brought on various players from the other bands during the day, including Dickey in the finally.

A very good show all around, however, I think most people there will remember the sweltering heat and all the people passing out during the show despite the commical water relief provided by the stadium with two fire hoses in the crowd.

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