On the website Volunteer Jam VI is listed twice for this date and last year (1980).

Anyway, I forgot which year it was but I remember Ted Nugent introduced “ABB” right after he was finished with his song on stage and said “Let me introduce you to a cool bunch of ramblin’ guys, ABB!” and then Dickey and the boys played “Ramblin Man.” Gregg was all decked out in a white suite and cowboy hat.

Also, I read in “Circus” magazine that Ted Nugent did something kind of over-the-top in a hotel lobby and not be be out done by the future “DAM YANKEE” the ABB played “MIDNITE RIDER” on different floors of the hotel lobby whereby (not sure of the positioning of the musicians) Gregg played on one floor and Dickey in the lobby, and it turned out great!

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