I was at the concert. I remember getting there at 1:00 PM and the place was already 1/2 full. Twiggy Lyndon lead his group out and played a great warm up blues set at about 3:00 in the afternoon. The show was scheduled to start at 8:00 PM but Muddy Waters came out at 7:15 and said “let’s get going.” He played until after 8:00 PM and then the Charley Daniels Band came out and played until about 10:15 PM. They closed with “The South’s Gonna do it again.” The Brothers came out at about 10:45 and went through until 2:15 AM. I recall the following:

1. Don’t want you no more
2. It’s not my cross to bear
3. Must have done somebody wrong

Along the way “High Falls”, “Ramblin man”, “Southbound” worked their way in and I think they did “Midnight Rider.” They played the entire “Win, Lose, or Draw” album and then closed with “Les Brers.” The encore was “Whipping Post.”

That’s the best I could do. Oh, and Cher was watching from the side. What a difference 30 years makes.

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