I could be wrong, but I don’t remember this show being at Sun Devil Stadium. I think it was at one of those baseball fields around Tempe.

I also don’t remember Box Scaggs being there, but that might have been because we were late to the show.

We drove up from Tucson (2 hours) and arrived just before the Allman Brothers were to start playing. It was a mess. There was dirt parking and it was about a mile from the gate. It was dark, dusty and nasty. We got near the gate and someone forgot their ticket and had to go back to the car. We waited outside.

There was a huge crowd trying to get in and there was a long line to get through the gate. People were crashing the chain link fence. There were a lot of drunk and nasty people trying to force their way in.

By the time our wayward and high person retrieved his ticket and we herded with the crowd to get through the gate, the band had already played a few songs.

Gregg Allman kept yelling out that they were going to play every song they knew. That gave me some comfort after missing a few songs. But, they didn’t actually play everything they knew. They only played around two and a half hours.

The main thing I remember from the show was Butch Trucks’s tympany solo during Les Brer.

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