If you were there, surely this date is stamped in you brain as a life-altering event? It forever changed my life, as I am sure it changed the other 599,999 others who gathered for the largest one-day concert crowd ever recorded. On that hot and muggy day we gathered 600,000 strong for our generation’s “Woodstock.” I was way too young in 1969 to make it to Woodstock’s 3 day show, and after hearing all summer long what was planned for July 28th, 1973, I marked that day on my to-do list, made a sign that simply said Watkins Glen, and being more than 250 miles away, yet 5 miles from my house, I through my thumb out and less than 15 minutes later was in a VW mini bus with another guy who was driving, and two very attractive females, headed to what was promise3d to be the concert of a lifetime. I was not disappointed, even after hiking 4 miles uphill to the concert area. Tales of a warm-up sound check had the crowd buzzing, as did the plethora of psychedelics that were dealt in plain view on the last road leading into the concert grounds. At midnight, at least 50 people on each side of the road hollered, mesc, acid, reds, etc., etc., etc and after scoring a few hits of blotter and a hit of what was described as blue mescaline, this freshly graduated 18 year old waded into the concert area checking out where I thought would be a great viewing area for the next day’s show. Tripped all night and into the morning, The Dead took the stage for their 4.5 hour show promptly at noon. A break, then The Band, and finally what I had made the trip for, my first ever Allman Brothers Band concert. Dickey was in great form, and for some reason I remember him wearing a light blue long sleeved shirt. THE LARGEST ONE DAY CONCERT CROWD EVER, WITH 600,000 enjoying The Dead, The Band, and The Allman Brothers Band. If you were there, please share? It was a life changing event in my life, so much so that I have the concert poster, aptly named The Summer Jam, tattooed on my back. 39 years ago my friends! I remember most of it like it was yesterday, and will never ever forget that hot day in July of 1973 when all was wonderful in our world!!!

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