here’s the info i now have on this showing it took place on 7/17/72, not 7/13/72.

ok, here’s another interesting one. i have the allmans from gaelic park july 72 on
reel from an aud cassette master. according to the abb site, they played there on 7/13.
my tape says 7/17.

here’s my theory.

after some research i found that on 7/13/72 it rained
in the bronx which probably postponed the show.

On 7/16/72 the Dead played Dillon Stadium in Hartford which I attended.
Members of the ABB sat in. This and the Roosevelt Stadium gig in NJ on
7/18 were the only northeast Dead dates at the time. Garcia and Weir,
I heard possibly Kreutzman too, all sat in with the Allmans at Gaelic Park.
I believe this took place the day after Hartford, on 7/17.
There would have been no reason the Dead would have come into the area 3 days early for their own show.

Also, I saw a number of references on line to folks who specifically said that
7/17 was the date they saw. At the time I remember hearing Garcia and Weir played
with them and I’m pretty sure it was after the Hartford show, not before.

“Garcia: An American Life” by Blair Jackson states: “In July 1972 Dickey Betts,
bassist Berry Oakley and drummer Jaimoe joined the Dead for a few songs at
Dillon Stadium in Hartford, Connecticut, and the following night Garcia,
Weir and Kreutzmann returned the favor by jamming with the Allmans at Gaelic Park in the Bronx.”

See also: (tagged “July 17”);

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