We arrived early enough to work our way through heavy crowds at this small soccor stadium and get to “Front Row” seating. They opened with Statesboro Blues and the crowd went wild. The air was filled with the aroma of dooby and it was a warm summer night. At some point I noticed some people sitting on the hill behind the stage they had on cowboy hats and two of them had black beards, the rumors started and everyone had spotted the Grateful Dead! We just knew they had to jam together and don’t you that that an annoucement was made and they set up two more sets of drums for Bill K and Mickey Hart, More Amps for Garcia, Weir and Lesh-We were all stupefied – The Dead and the Allman Bros. on stage ( Berry was still alive & so was Pigpen), they did Mountain Jam forever, we danced into the night and I’ll never forget it. I consider this the best ABB show I have ever seen.And I’ve seen many ie( Fillmore East and Watkins ) it was a combination of the band peaking, the dead and some really good chemistry in the air.

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