I thought I had posted something here before, but maybe it was on the old site.
I arrived in Fayetteville for Army ROTC summer camp that day and the bus to Ft. Bragg just happened to drive by the venue and I saw the Allman Brothers advertised on the marquee. I found someone who had a car and knew who the Allmans were and we went to the show that night. The venue was about on a par with a high school gym, and I was somewhat bummed out about spending the next four weeks running around in the woods getting bitten by ticks, etc., so I can’t say this was the most inspiring show I ever saw, but it was nice to see the band anyway. I had seen the band without Duane before, and it was clear that the spark was missing. CleanedUpHippy was there too and wrote that Alex Taylor opened the show and Chuck Leavell was playing keyboards for Alex at the time, so better days were on the horizon.

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