the event was actually damn good, not bad as you seem to remember.
B.B. King, Jonathan Edwards, Cactus, Brownsville Station, Nitzinger, The Mahavishnu Orchestra, Herbie Mann, E.L.P., J. Geils and Elephant’s Memory w/ the ever present roumor that John and Oko were on their way. John and Oko didn’t happen but they did send a taped message played that Easter morning.
The Allman Brothers Band was the closing act saturday night and Alice Cooper closed Sunday, or really monday pre-dawn after an inspired set by Emerson Lake and Palmer.
E.L.P. had hours of trouble getting the Moog to work in the tropical heat and mist but when they came on at 4:00 a.m., in a coconut grove, they just gave one of the performances of their career.
Elephants Memory opened Monday morning, ’bout 11:00a.m. but I had to leave . I had to be back at High School in San Juan. Damn shame as they say Monday was the real highlight.

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