Wow, me too! Orange Sunshine and a lot of hash on top if that 🙂 Sat on the very top row all the way in the back (just in case I know you and you were there too). Held my cigarette (since quit) in front of my face and its glowing tip looked just like the Colosseum in miniature. Pure energy.

But enough about my experience (which was as intense as I’d ever felt prior or since), these guys flat out rocked that night. I’d listened to their live double-album in anticipation that afternoon and this topped it. They were in rare form. And all that, for Auburn? Sheez!

After the show, my VW bug broke down and we ended up walking to a friend’s house down railroad tracks about 10 miles away on Glen Avenue. His older brother was really tall and lanky and I was flipping out in a fetal position on the floor. He tried to give me a coloring book and crayons to mellow me out and I was hallucinating him as this rubber guy twisting his arms around his legs and poking his head out from a mangled mess of limbs to say “Crayons?” Then he’d reform in some other twisted shape present a crayon and say “You want the blue one?” Over and over for what seemed forever, LOL. Great stuff! 🙂

Not many evenings peak above the perpetual haze of the 70’s in my memory, but this one surely did!

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