The Allman Brothers Band

I was stationed out on Treasure Island at the time and spent most of what little money I had going to shows around The City and Bay Area. I was one of the regular floor rats at Winterland Ballroom and Ice Rink. Right side @2/3 back. Elvin Bishop was, as normal, when the party started. He had a couple of back-up singers at the time he had found in Oakland that I believe later became known as the Pointer Sisters, not sure. EB put on a rowdy set, had the crowd well warmed and the air was thick enough with smoke, AS ALWAYS, you could cut out a slice, tuck it under your arm and carry some home! I don’t remember the song list as played, but the show had some interesting turns in it. ABB played about an hour set and walked, not normal for a much anticipated headliner. We made it clear that the house was going to come down if ABB didn’t come back out, SOON. They did. I don’t remember who it was, but somebody walked up to the mike, apologized, said they had not been as well recieved on tour as they expected and that they were tired of it, but that “you save the good ***** for the good people” and that The City would be a good place to start a tour. They commenced to play! During the encore set this guy in front of me would keep looking around shouting “They didn’t play it” after each song. Finally when they played Whippin’ Post he started yelling “They played it!” over and over, this guy was the lead singer for Commander Cody. Shortly after, Elvin Bishop stuck his head out from between the curtains and was waved out on stage. He brought his band out with him and the night took off! Bill Graham had another of his famous “discussions” with the Fire Marshal, the place stayed open and the party lasted way past closing time.