Larry Rhienhart(Rhino) and Bobby Caldwell both sat in with the band. Larry played with Duane using a Stratocaster (stripped finish/bare wood body). Dickey also used the Strat for a couple of songs. Bobby played a set of Timbales.
I’m sure everyone knows that Larry had been in “The Second Coming” with Dickey & Berry. Bobby had a long history with the band as he was from the Tampa area and was playing with “Johnny Winter, And” and then “Iron Butterfly”with Rhino which later became “Captain Beyond”. Captain Beyond was signed to Capricorn on Duane’s recommendation.
This gig was a”payback” to Elmer Valentine, owner of The Whiskey as he had given the Hourglass a lot of gigs there to help keep them alive & fed. Liberty Records didn’t give two shits about them, so they had to go out and play (which is what they wanted to do anyway) but Liberty didn’t help them get any gigs, so they begged to play and Elmer took a real liking to them!
So as some sort of “returning the favour” gesture, The Brothers played The Whiskey as a “thank you” to Elmer for helping them out in earlier, leaner times.

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