The Allman Brothers Band

This show was truly an eye and ear opener. I had first heard the Allman Brother’s music during that summer of 1971. My memory tells me that it was probably only two weeks before this concert. However, songs like Stormy Monday, Elizabeth Reed, and Whipping Post were already ingrained deeply in my bones. Around the same time, CHOM FM radio were finally playing Derek and the Dominos “Layla” so there was the added mystique of Duane’s masterful slide contribution to that recording to intrigue me.

I wish I could remember the set list but it was probably quite similar to the New York date a week earlier. What I remember most about it was being entirely shaken to the core by the brilliant musicianship and soulful improvisation of each member of the band. There were no wasted notes in any of the extended solos. The flexibility of the band in their choice of musical directions was very evident throughout the whole night. There is not much more that I can say that can add to the details about the concert. This is really just an account of my fondness for my memory of the wonderful musical and spiritual experiences that I had that night. What is really important is the years and years of moments that followed where I had been truly touched by The Allman Brother’s Band’s music. Nevertheless, this concert was simply wonderful and more than 30 years later, I can still comfortably place it amongst my all time top five concerts. I was truly swaying.

Alex Taylor was the opening act and he was also a wonderful eye-opener. He is certainly the more soulful of the Taylor brother singers and that is saying a lot as James is no slouch! I began collecting Alex’s Albums as soon as I could find them.

One interesting anecdote to this evening is that The Brothers were so new to most of us in Montreal that a good friend of mine told me he passed on going because he thought that they were The Osmond Brothers! Imagine that.

Til next time

Happy jammin’


p.s. does any body have more detailed info on this show, e.g., set lists, recordings?