The Allman Brothers Band

You are right about the time- It was an afternoon concert – i was attending HVCC at the time – we all went up on saturday afternoon- There was a local band Called “Gravel” warming them up. We provided the wine with the additives that day.
My friend Elio Mattarazzo from Schenectady
played flute with them for about an hour- he was invited to “hop on the bus” but missed because of some GIRLFRIEND problem! What a chance to miss out on. Another aquantance of mine says he took pictures that day – Knew this guys for years and never realized he went to the concert. He is looking thru his boxes for the pics – i will scan and post . We arrived early that day and helped them set up – great guys – sick of playing in Psycedelic Dungeons and were glad to be outside on a great sunny day. Contact me if you are interested in the possibility of pictures.
Jim in Albany