The Allman Brothers Band

I was one of the lucky people to be at the 3/13/71 late show (my sister was at the early show). I wish I was the one who shouted “play all night,” but I don’t think I am.

Just a few memories to share with people. The bill was headed by Johnny Winter And (with Rick Derringer), with the Allman’s 2nd billed as “special guests” (if I remember the Village Voice ads correctly 31 years later!). The Elvin Bishop Group opened the show.

During Elvin Bishop’s set, there was a bomb scare. No one wanted to leave, but eventually we all left the theater and went out into the street. I remember standing in the street where the backstage door was, and there were all 6 Allman Brothers, walking side by side down the street. Amazingly, everyone hung out, and then went back inside. At this point, it was probably 2-2:30 AM. Johnny Winter And played the next set, which was good because it gave the Allman Brothers the rest of the night to play. Imagine the music we wouldn’t have had if they had to limit their set because of time constraints.

The sun was up when the show ended, and it was very strange as the doors opened and the sun came in as people left the Fillmore. I was really lucky to have been there that night, and it’s truly amazing that the music was recorded so that we can all keep hearing it again and again.

Actually, I told my wife just this morning that if I’m ever in a coma, she should play the Allman’s Fillmore East CD over and over again. More than the sound of her voice, I’m sure it would it would do something to me that nothing else could.