I attended this concert. Of the several shows I saw in the early days, this is the one I remember the most. It was simply amazing. The college that I attended (The Citadel) was the sponsor of the show. In fact, the guy that booked the bands for the school was on my floor and came into my room one day and said, “You’re and Allman Brothers fan right?” I answered with an enthusiastic, yes! He then said that the booking company said that were coming through town on Saturday and would be willing to play an afternoon show. Then he asked if we should book it. I responded with several, emphatic yes’. This was our Valentine’s Day Weekend…big event for the school. Tom Doucette was there and a soprano sax player that was amazing and jazzy. It became and jazz fusion performance (long before jazz fusion existed). It was mind blowing!!! I think I would be willing to remove my private parts for a copy of this show. BTW, it was ’71 not ’70 like someone has suggested. – Dick Cole

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