it was the bass player who got most of the mud since the hose with water for the parched crowd was let running just below right stage where he stood

the site for the festival was out in the country
with no city water or stores to shop in
so it was well water

the tank of water-to small for the 100,000
people who showed up was guarded by the bikers and was spiked so water was at a premium

I donot blame the walking off the stage
but the way the MC reacted was like we were a bunch of students in elementary school

un fortunately not all people came to the festival for music and as a result respect
was not always given to the musicians who took their music seriously
the lack of water the heat and the tiredness of everyone made the chance of mindless behavior to happen

I immagine that in those times (and maybe now too ) it is a big effort and an investment in self and funds for ABB to pull off playing

to have a disrepectful few to throw mud on you on the stage really can get your gourd.
I immagine the same people going to the beach the next weekend to stay in their dads beach house drunk listening to beach music
in airconditioned luxury-last weekend a hippie chic this weekend a frat bunny.

there are other interuptions in the music of ABB
at love valley I will try to write about later

are there ever any band members(Greg?) who could say why the band didnt abandoned us ,but came back after the mud to offer more musical manna. WHY do you keep playing after mud is thrown at you?

I like to think we were all in a contact high.

more later about love valley

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