OK GANG: I do not believe they did the show in Fla calendared same night as this one was introed as a function of the Decatur Jr. College was at Columbia H S Gymn in Decatur…duh…cuz the Jr College either had no such venue or the venue was tied up at that time…Now this was of particular note to me because if my fogged brain remembers it was my second LIVE ABB show a present of my love interest at the time who dumped me the NEXT Morning…never mind…They were introduce by a representative of the Student Government or the Entertainment Activities Council er such as a realyy GREAT “Blues Band” and they came up with a rousing first number I would suggest was ” Statesboro Blues” if memory serves correctly but it was certainly an excited and stoned crowd as we were on the basketball floor…the Allmans were set up about where the top of the key would be on the floor and the crowd was on the floor level just a few feet away awesome awesome awesome…Duane said they really appreciated being introduced as a “Blues Band”… and certainly showed said appreciation as the Band played its collective Ass

off…I will not soon forget the high of that event…the next days contrasting low not withstanding.

Steve Nybo

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