Just want to set the record straight. ABB played Columbia High School’s Junior/Senior Prom on this date. They did play in the gym but played from the stage not the main floor. I was in the 10th grade, a sophomore, and therefore could not attend. I was there however when the truck with the red stripe around the top showed up and helped Reddog and the rest of the roadies unload the truck with a few of my friends. We then asked to hang around and watch them set up to which they agreed. The band showed up in the Winnebago they used at the time and we got to greet them in the student parking lot. They used the boys locker room downstairs directly below the stage as a dressing room. The roadies and my friends and I helped bring in the personal things and when we were done a friend of mine, may have been Chuck Brown or Gerald Edison, gave Reddog a……present and he invited us to share it! The dates and most of this info can be verified by checking GOOGLE and referencing Allman Brothers Columbia High school. The Strip Project is the first entry and it has a picture of ABB playing on the stage. There are more entries which back thism up so take a look.

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