Babes in Boyland

Muchas peachness to Brother Bill Ector for his loving, hard and patient work in making this archival Hittin’ the Note article available. We love you, Bill! By: Lana Michelizzi For: Hittin’ the Note, Issue 15 (long ago and far away … ) After the “Gospel According to the Allman Brothers Band” appeared in Issue #11 […]

The Allman Brothers Band: The Road Goes on Forever

By: Doug Collette For All About Jazz Feb 17, 2004 In 2003, The Allman Brothers Band effectively completed a rejuvenation of themselves like no other act in rock history. The seminal Southern rock band achieved the profoundly difficult tasks of recapturing both their aesthetic credibility and commercial viability. This, after longs years of enduring internecine […]