Theatre Performances Magical for the ABB

By: David Lindquist For The Indianapolis Star 7/25/2003 Theater performances carry a magical reputation in Allman Brothers Band lore. The rock group’s finest hour is considered to be “At Fillmore East,” a 1971 concert recording from New York’s famed but long-closed psychedelic playground. In recent years, the Allmans have played extended runs each March at […]

Allman Brothers Band Delivers True Grit

By: David Lindquist For The Indianapolis Star 7/26/2003 Time is losing its battle with the Allman Brothers Band. As proven Friday night at the Murat Theater, the blues-rock veterans aren’t an oldies act. Instead, this is a muscular crew fulfilling its destiny. The Allmans couldn’t help but be lively for this sold-out theater date — […]

A recharged Gregg Allman has the band hitting new notes

By: Ed Masley For The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette One day, Gregg Allman says, he woke up and his eyes were orange. “That’s kind of a wake-up call there, isn’t it?” The legendary voice behind such classic Allman Brothers Band performances as “Midnight Rider” and “It’s Not My Cross to Bear” is approaching his seventh year of […]

Gregg Allman captures chemistry again with ‘Hittin’ the Note’

By: Robb Frederick For Pittsburgh Live Gregg Allman is getting old. The 60-grit singer is 55 now. His knees creak. He knows when the rain’s coming. His personal trainer comes out to the house, out past the plantation oaks. She has him on the Atkins diet. “This friend of mine, this guy who lives two […]