Thread: Woman Uses Korean Dating Site to Falsely Accuse Men of Abuse

robslob - 6/9/2018 at 08:05 PM 4.html

Watch out for those dating sites guys!

StratDal - 6/10/2018 at 01:16 PM

Always something going on these days...

gina - 6/16/2018 at 06:02 PM

How does she even come up with an idea like that? That is eviler than eviler. Couldn't she just do an honest days work like the other Asian women in the massage parlors?

gina - 6/16/2018 at 06:20 PM

Firstly, I'm not a bro, but how is it low? At least those other women do some work for their money, they don't lie about it and then rip someone off. They may be prostitutes but it is a fee for service world. They don't pretend to be in love with someone, move in with them and they get them arrested on false charges and rip them off. Look at the comparison.

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