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gina - 3/2/2017 at 10:35 PM

Jeffrey Tucker met with the scan while flying from Atlanta to Mexico. -to-board-an-airplane-the-police-state-advances/

Remarks: Unreal.

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LeglizHemp - 3/2/2017 at 10:41 PM ralia-plans-to-phase-out-passports-by-2020

This is how Australia plans to phase out passports by 2020

Welcome to the future.
The Australian government is planning to completely revolutionise the customs process, phasing out human interaction and introducing contactless passenger identification systems.

The Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection has announced that it is seeking technology submissions that will negate the need for incoming passenger cards and replace manned stations for passport checks.

Instead, passengers will be processed through biometric facial, iris and fingerprint recognition Fairfax reports.

"The department is asking tenderers to provide innovative solutions to allow arriving travellers to self-process," an immigration spokeswoman told Fairfax.

"The department has not therefore defined the specific solution or how it will differ from existing arrivals or departures SmartGates."

A version of the system will be trialled in July at Canberra Airport and November at Sydney and Melbourne airports. We can expect a complete rollout by March 2019.

Travellers will still need to carry passports, but Immigration Minister Peter Dutton said the goal was for more than 90 per cent of passengers to avoid paperwork and manual processing, ABC News reports.

"But in the immediate term, this will make it easier, it will make it quicker, for people going in and out of our airports, Minister Dutton said.

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