Thread: Pat Boone: Smoke On The Water

robslob - 9/2/2019 at 01:48 PM

Oh My God, say it ain't so.

What I really find WAY beyond belief is that, while they never show the audience, you can hear the applause at the end so you know they are there. I wish they had showed them. SOMEONE PAID TO SEE THIS?? I WANT TO MEET THEM!

The musicians actually sound very accomplished. ANYTHING for a paycheck, I guess. How they keep from laughing is way, WAY beyond me.

BrerRabbit - 9/2/2019 at 02:02 PM

Pat Boone did this album a while back: Comedy gold, makes William Shatner look lke a serious musician. His version of "No More Mr. Nice Guy" is hilarious.

rmack - 9/2/2019 at 02:33 PM

The story at the time was that Boone and Ozzy were neighbors in Beverly Hills and, to their mutual surprise, they found each other charming and became friends. I love this for no other reason that it is hands reaching across the aisle and finding common (if somewhat ludicrous) ground. Proof to me that music is one of the greatest healers and uniters of all human endeavors, as opposed to religion which seems to sow division. Plus, the Tele picker is pretty damn good.

BIGV - 9/2/2019 at 02:45 PM

I made it through 1:16

peachlovingman - 9/2/2019 at 07:35 PM

Pat OWNS the metal! Check out his Crazy Train!!:

Or check out Pat's LEGENDARY Easter Seals Telethon performance of an Alice Copper classic!!!:

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pops42 - 9/2/2019 at 08:57 PM

My favorite Pat Boone performance:

blackey - 9/2/2019 at 09:14 PM

I've got Tony Bennett doing AC/DC's Highway to Hell and Van Halen's Ice Cream Man. I think G E Smith is on lead guitar.

But the funniest one is Frank Sinatra doing George Strait's Excuse Me That Is My Chair.

There is a video of Clapton doing Judy Garland's Somewhere Over The Rainbow on YouTube.

BrerRabbit - 9/2/2019 at 10:03 PM

There is a video of Clapton doing Judy Garland's Somewhere Over The Rainbow on YouTube.

Amazing song. Although it is great it hits your funnybone I am not sure Eric's arrangement can be classified as an oddball gag number. Although made popular by Judy Garland, "Over the Rainbow" was written by Harold Arlen and Yip Harberg. Versions arranged worldwide by countless serious artists in many different styles, it is a standard, and possibly the most universally performed song of all time. Voted #1 song of the 20th century by the National Endowment For the Arts. Saying Clapton playing "Over the Rainbow" is a gag is about like saying John Coltrane playing My Favorite Things is comical.

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blackey - 9/3/2019 at 01:48 AM

No I gave the wrong impression. I like Clapton doing Somewhere Over The Rainbow. Just added that at the end of my post because Clapton doing a song first may popular by Judy Garland for Wizard of Oz in 1939, to me, wasn't a song one would think of Clapton doing...and as you said, is one of the great American standards. Usually one thinks of the best pop and jazz singers doing it such as Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Nat King Cole, Jo Stafford etc.

Speaking of Ella Fitzgerald. Type in Chick Webb and Ella Fitzgerald on YouTube. That was one fantastic jazz band that played often in Harlem.

BrerRabbit - 9/3/2019 at 02:21 AM

Excellent recommend thx blackey. Appeciate the clarification on Over The Rainbow, kinda got me thinking why is it funny when Pat Boone does Smoke On the Water but all artistic and serious when Coltrane does "My Favorite Things" then thought damn if Clapton did Smoke On the Water I would die laughing.

KCJimmy - 9/3/2019 at 04:34 PM

Never thought I would see a Pat Boone Metal Phase.

Nobody does "Over The Rainbow" as good as Leon!

BrerRabbit - 9/3/2019 at 08:51 PM

^ Leon! deserves a link

CharlieO - 9/8/2019 at 03:39 AM

Pat Boone deserves more respect on this site. See my post above.

robslob - 9/8/2019 at 05:37 AM


Pat Boone deserves more respect on this site. See my post above.

I saw your post. Pat Boone the talk show host has no relevance whatsoever to Pat Boone the singer. That Smoke On The Water video is the worst thing I've seen in a long, long time...........maybe EVER.........

BrerRabbit - 9/8/2019 at 04:11 PM

Pat Boone deserves more respect on this site

Find one word on this thread that is disrespectful of Pat Boone.

Boone himself said his "metal" record was intended as a humorous "parody of himself". What is the appropriate reaction to a "parody"? Laughing. So we find his metal record funny - at least we didn't ban him from TBN for it like his sanctimonious fans did - Boone had to do some serious damage control after the metal record - came close to being exiled. Interesting backstory, made me proud of Pat Boone for daring to do hard rock, because he thought they were "good songs", he took some heat -

I actually bought that record, it made me laugh, I thought it was a classic, and actually well done for what it was - how many Pat Boone "fans" bought it? Zero. How many Pat Boone records have you ever bought? Zero?

The people who "respect" him most are the ones who smacked him down, turned on a dime and walked away the second he tried to be himself. With friends like that who needs enemies? ian-community-with-heavy-metal-album-it-was-a-big-overreaction

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