Thread: Matisyahu @The City Winery, NY 7/2/19

Fretsman - 7/5/2019 at 07:32 PM

I love music and try to find good in songs. I saw Matisyahu for the 2nd time a couple days ago and lost my will. I found him to be interesting and got tix last year after seeing a Live At Stubb's youtube video. It was a rare mixture of religion, rock, reggae, and rap music. I loved the musicianship from the Stubb's video especially the drummer in the band. Impressive and unique on some tunes almost the highlight. The last time I saw Matisyahu there was no drummer, he did the beatbox thing making drumming sounds into the mic'. It's like a kid playing air guitar and making sounds with his mouth? He had only a guitarist and bassist. The Bob Marley song One Day is a tune I like and Matisyahu does a nice version of it.
This show he shed the bassist and had only Aaron Dugan with him onstage. Aaron was the highlight for me the last time and was again, but I found highlights to be few and far between. I was beatboxed into oblivion. Why couldn't the garbage truck shutdown Rte 495 on this night rather than Ander's night at the Winery. Perhaps it will grow on me, but not everything that grows is good. The crowd was young early 20's for the most part and were energetic and supportive between songs, but almost disconnected and talkative during songs. It was tough to sense when a song ended. It seemed like he started a song and went to beatbox experimental journey land, but not all journey's end up in paradise. Perhaps in time will feel differently?
Are there any real Beatbox admirers out there, I have discovered that as of right now I am not.


Broken Car/Time Of Your Song

Running Away/Driftin'

One Day/Lord Raise Me Up

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