Thread: "Ramblin' Man - The Dickey Betts Band - Live at The St. George Theatre"

plqmule - 6/4/2019 at 01:30 AM

It is with great pleasure that Dickey and the BMG Music Group announce the release of "Ramblin' Man - The Dickey Betts Band - Live at The St. George Theatre" in stores July 12, 2019. The show was recorded live in Staten Island, NY. on July 21, 2018 as part of Dickey's return to the stage after more than 4 years in retirement. Filmed at one of New York's best kept secrets, the setlist includes Blue Sky, Jessica and In Memory of Elizabeth Reed, along with Gregg Allman's Midnight Rider and Whipping Post. This classic release will be available on Blu-ray, CD and Vinyl. Look for spots on AXS-TV and DirecTV in the coming weeks. There will be much more information coming soon. Be sure to grab a little piece of history... f=pd_ybh_a_1?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=EEM6RG2MZ2SF623SERVZ

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Lee - 6/4/2019 at 11:14 AM

This looks like a cool release!

I didn't see anything on that Amazon link for the CD though.

blackey - 6/4/2019 at 02:35 PM

I'll buy the DVD being a long time fan. Saw Dickey dozens of times over the years beginning with the ABB in 1970.
Dickey's guitar style and original songs are a huge part of the Allman Brothers sound and legacy. The band continuing to play after Dickey was gone was almost as awkward to watch for an a fan who goes back to original line up as watching a lineup that didn't include Gregg.

But the audience tapes of this show coming out I saw on You Tube indicated Dickey wasn't singing or playing well.

But it's hard to tell with certainty how someone sounds from a small cell phone mic located in the audience.

I hope this release doesn't have a lot of edit outs or re-recorded parts.

I have a DVD of a European guitarist and more than once during a solo the shot is from a camera showing the band at a distance with the last row of the seats in view or on one of the musicians not playing the solo. I think those solos were re-recorded in a studio and they avoided close ups of the guitarist because his fingers wouldn't match the notes being played. Probably had a glaring mistake or the guitarist just didn't like his solo.

Fretsman - 6/4/2019 at 04:46 PM

To paraphrase Charlie Starr "I'll be all over this like st#nk on sh#t"

I went back to check out the thread from the show as I took some nice shots.

Thread.... le=viewthread&tid=146867

St George Theatre 7/21/18

thetoweringfool - 6/4/2019 at 05:38 PM

Itís astonishing that this package could make its way to release before Fillmore West Ď71. This was basically a victory lap for Dickey...and Iím still a bit surprised any of this tour was considered for official release. Yet this...which will be marketed to the same bunch of consumers, has beaten the incendiary Fillmore West Ď71 shows to market. Wow.

Lee - 6/4/2019 at 08:53 PM

I'll buy the DVD being a long time fan.

Didn't see that either. Just blue ray and vinyl.

blackey - 6/5/2019 at 07:38 PM

Oh no. No DVD! I didn't notice that somehow.

I'm a huge ABB and Dickey fan. They are tops with me. Absolutely my favorite. And as I said from the audience cell phone footage of the show posted on YouTube it sounded as if Dickey wasn't playing well. I think Dickey finally shook off much of the rust on the very last show. Is this the last show?

I hope with no visual to see that Duane Betts didn't go in and redo some of Dickey's guitar solos. I bet I can tell if he did.
Dickey recently said when commenting on the Allman Betts Band album that he doubts he will go out again. Said he thinks he just doesnt put on the kind of show he use to anymore. This little tour might be the last one.

ABBDutchFan - 6/6/2019 at 03:58 PM

States there will also be a CD/DVD release.

matt05 - 6/6/2019 at 09:42 PM


States there will also be a CD/DVD release.

hope there is a listing soon

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