Thread: Ear Worms

BrerRabbit - 5/7/2019 at 12:02 AM

Those damn songs or jingles that get stuck in your head, even if you can't stand them. I get them often, latest one was Alone Again Naturally, really rough, didn't go away until I killed it with Coltrane.

blackey - 5/7/2019 at 01:00 AM

Safe Lite Repair...Safe Lite Replace.

My Pillow Dot Com

You'll Wonder Where The Yellow Went When You Brush Your Teeth With Pepsodent.

playallnite - 5/8/2019 at 12:42 PM

those 2 notes that signify a Honda ad,echhh,The taco Bell bell,T-mobile,Liberty Mutual, all ads by adholes.

BrerRabbit - 5/8/2019 at 04:33 PM lol, never heard that, sounds rough. What is weird is how these things come up fifty years later, some dumb tv ad, the Colt 45 jingle still surfaces once in a while, or old tv show songs.

StratDal - 5/9/2019 at 12:17 AM

Strat Jr. hates, "Cars for kids. Cars for kids."

On a lighter note, I always like the C&H Pure Cane Sugar song!

JimSheridan - 5/9/2019 at 02:08 AM

1-877-kars for kids!
k-a-r-s, kars for kids!
1-877-kars for kids!
Donate your kar today!

Lee - 5/9/2019 at 02:58 PM

I HATE the jingle for General Insurance. And the ads are on incessantly. The Liberty Mutual Insurance is another as was mentioned. I used to like the song"I Want it All" by Queen but Grub Hub has killed that one for me. There are a few local ones here in Chicago that are the same. I immediately grab the remote when they come on. One that has no jingle but annoys me to no end is that one for Chewy pet supplies. Another one on all the time.

And while there are usually no jingles, there are lawyer ads on first thing here every morning. Air time must be a whole lot cheaper then because they aren't on throughout the day.

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