Thread: Van Halen memorabilia auction

jszfunk - 10/4/2018 at 10:16 PM

Van Halens manger during the Roth era , Noel Monk , is having an auction through
Backstage Auctions,looks very pretty cool. There are other artist too.
You can got to the page below to see the items .

you have to register to view , very easy to do.

The Dave and Dave podcast had the gentleman in charge of this auction from Backstage on they're show, you can start listening at the 1:39:30 mark, n-halen-auction

blackey - 10/5/2018 at 01:23 PM

The Roth era was my favorite. There was a ying and yang between Eddie and David Lee which gave the band an vibe that just wasn't there in later lineups.

Saw a show in the late 70s Eddie must have used 20 different guitars...all modified and painted with lines like an airport seen from the air. Strat type guitars from Fender, Ibanez, Kramer and on one song he played a Les Paul Goldtop.

And there seemed to be a brewing competition between David Lee and Eddie, both seeming to not want to share the spotlight. Maybe I am wrong but I felt that way. So I wasn't surprised Roth went solo and critized Eddie for playing a synthesizer and David bragged about how hot a player Steve Via was.

sckeys - 10/5/2018 at 08:38 PM

Yea, Eddie and Dave needed plenty of room for those egos but in the end I can’t blame Dr Ed for being PO’ed for the way Dave sprung his solo plans on them. The original band was solid and I liked the later incarnations as well. Even the Gary Cherone era had good songs. I got turned off when they took a crap on Mike Anthony.

Lee - 10/5/2018 at 08:50 PM

I like both the Roth and the Hagar versions. To me, they sound like different bands. When they started it seemed more guitar driven but in the 80s there was the synthesizer stuff which I liked.

74Jer - 10/7/2018 at 11:47 PM

Can I buy some DLR ass-less chaps? You know, the stuff real musicians are about.

sckeys - 10/8/2018 at 12:38 AM

Can I buy some DLR ass-less chaps? You know, the stuff real musicians are about.

I ordered some with my last slide. Gonna enjoy the freedom.

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