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plqmule - 8/10/2018 at 09:15 PM

We are pleased to announce that Warren Haynes of Allman Brothers Band fame along with Gov't Mule will headline with an extended set the October 20, 2018 Florida Jam. Without getting into drama related to Dickey Betts, we will just say that he canceled his appearance without any explanation. We take issue with that decision, especially after he agreed to the new date of October 20 from the prior May 19 rain date. Unfortunately this is not the first time Betts has canceled shows in South Florida. We placed trust in him at great expense. However we are more than thrilled to have the very professional, reliable and talented Gov't Mule come in and take over as the headliner. Eric Gales and Elvin Bishop remain on the line up. For all of the Mule Fans just getting notice of this, this is the only Florida Mule show on the books. We decided to maintain present pricing for tickets so you all can join in Florida Jam at present pricing. Here is the ticket link:

porkchopbob - 8/10/2018 at 09:28 PM

Ha, yeah, I just saw this as well, noticed the event had disappeared last week or so. Bizarre considering Dickey just announced a November date in Clearwater with Billy Gibbons. It looks like Devon and Duane are both out too. I get that Music Jam Productions is pissed, and fans who skipped other shows in the region for this rescheduled date are further disappointed, but I don't see the gain in being so pissy publicly. Warren, who subbed at the same venue for Dr John earlier this year, is a pretty solid fall back. I was planning on going, but count me out now.

blackey - 8/10/2018 at 10:57 PM

Dickey Betts with Duane Allman made up the best guitar tandem in music history. Just read an interview with Blackberry Smoke in a guitar magazine and they were ask what is the all time best guitar tandem ever? They answered Duane Allman and Dickey Betts hands down.

Dickey is the best guitar player ever in the ABB when you look at the overall picture. His ability to play toe to toe with Duane Allman who had the most energy of most guitar players ever coupled with all the great songs he wrote, Dickey is number one in ABB lore.

But apparently Dickey due to age and years of rock and roll living can't play at that level anymore.

If those audience tapes sounded as bad in many places live as they do on youtube ( it's hard to get a good read on audience tapes) then Dickey's timing and skill is too deminished for big shows. I heard what seemed to be many really bad notes repeatedly. If Dickey heard how he sounded or someone told him, then of course he canceled. Apparently he wasn't ready for his return to the Beacon. His legacy is secure and he is worth more money than the rest of the Allman Brothers combined. Continuing to play like this will hurt his legacy and he doesn't need the money. Now he was improved at the Peach Fest and if that means he his gaining some of the old Dickey, then I'm wrong. I hope I am.

LeglizHemp - 8/11/2018 at 12:28 AM

how asinine to diss a 74 year old man for cancelling a show and then...then getting Gov't Mule to step in and again dissing the 74 year old man. i'm sure Mr. Betts is tired. He got drug out of retirement and had some fun, despite maybe not being ready, and is done.

i doubt he plays another show.

love ya Dickey jam-2018-lineup

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robslob - 8/11/2018 at 01:18 AM

Personally I think that anyone who gets Gov't Mule as a replacement for the current artistic level of Dickey Betts ought to be THRILLED.

Agerst1574 - 8/11/2018 at 02:58 AM

This is a strange situation. A couple of things. I had tickets for the May event as I live in NYC and also have a home in Boca. When it was cancelled, I was disappointed. I was not going to be able to make the October event, contacted the promoter who got back to me personally and promptly gave me a refund. In fact In my communications with him, I found he was a very cool guy. Luckily, well maybe not, I saw Dickey at the Beacon.

The Devon Allman Project was scheduled for the festival when tickets went on sale. They were replaced by the Eric Gale band for the October date. What is interesting is that Devon and Duane were booked at the Funky Biscuit in Boca on 10/17 which is only a couple of days before the festival. Perhaps the new festival date conflicted with another date. But who knows.

When I saw the Mule were booked, I thought seeing Dickey and the Mule on The same show would be great. Then I saw the post from the promoter. The promoter books about five festival shows a year at the same venue. He took a beating on the May date being cancelled, got Dickey to agree on a date, and then according to him Dickey cancels. If this story is true, he has every reason to be furious and Dickey should be sued for reneging on a contract. But we donít know the entire story. Perhaps there was no written contract. If not, then it is the fault of the promoter. The bottom line is that for folks who wanted to see Dickey, this sucks.

blackey - 8/11/2018 at 04:33 AM

Just read an interview with Duane Betts in the Sarasota Herald. He said his dad had not played on stage in 4 years and really didn't pick up a guitar that much. He did a Rolling Stones interview about his situation and Gregg passing. Dickey told Rolling Stone his career was over. Then people began to call offering him good money to play and telling him the fans missed him. He wss bored and decided to do a few dates. Duane Betts said his dad didn't really want to do it and is comfortably retired but the dates were there so he (Duane) decided he had better be the band leader because he can talk to his dad and tell him what to do as he was rusty on how the songs went. Said each show his dad was getting better. Said these people wanted to do a live DVD at this nice theatre on Staten Island and he thought the band had good energy by he time they got there but "we'll see what happens with it".

Duane was asked if he and Devon thought about asking Dickey and Jaimoe if they could tour as The Allman Brothers and he said no. That he and Devon want to feature some of that music but they would never use that name. The name is for the men who played in that band and that is now over. Plus he and Devon want to continue working together and are working on songs for a possible album. But they want their own identity.

The interview mentioned the Dickey show down there so it was still on then. Maybe Dickey is done and no more shows.

Dickey was the best guitar player ever in the ABB if you look at everything. His work with Duane who had the most energy and the one that lit the flame... then later Chuck and Warren and Jack was strong. Nobody had Dickey's tone and he had his own style just as all the really great player do. And he wrote so many of the great ABB songs. When you look at all of that Dickey was the top guitar player ever in the band. And his work in the band made him wealthy with a beautiful home. I hope he continues but only if he can get some of his chops back. He was pretty good at Peach but at the Beacon he really struggled which had to have been frustrating to him. If I were him I wouldn't do it anymore unless I could get most of my chops back. And he doesn't need to sound like he does on Eat A Peach. We know he is 74. I'm 71 and can't get around like I could. We love him and don't want him to do it if he is going to struggle too much. I've got so much wonderful Dickey music at the house I'm good.

fender31 - 8/11/2018 at 11:24 AM

I don't blame the organizers to be upset that Dickey canceled again. Govt Mule is 10x better of a band anyways.

porkchopbob - 8/11/2018 at 10:01 PM

As I mentioned above, Dickey announced a Clearwater date (w/Billy Gibbons) in November the same day the Boca cancellation was announced, so it's not like Dickey didn't want to tour anymore that time of year.

Today a Pompano show has been announced, at an outdoor amphitheater just down the road from Boca but not as far inland, for early November. Who knows what happened? I can imagine fans' frustration with the shuffling (I've read some nasty comments from pissy fans on FB), but all shows are subject to change.

EDIT: read something that alluded to the rescheduled October FL Jam date wasn't possible due to miscommunication of conflicting dates.

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porkchopbob - 8/11/2018 at 10:08 PM

I don't blame the organizers to be upset that Dickey canceled again. Govt Mule is 10x better of a band anyways.

As I mentioned, Mule just played the same venue in January (subbing in for Dr John). Since most people bought tickets for Dickey, and now aren't getting Dickey or Duane or Devon, and arne't offering refunds due to the headliner change, I can imagine their frustration. Hopefully they can make it to Pompano.

WaitinForRain - 8/15/2018 at 01:43 AM

I just read a long list of r n r shows by bands who should not have taken a
dime from anyone for performing the shows they delivered.

Entitlement, it sucks.

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