Thread: Robslob recuperating from back surgery

dzobo - 4/11/2018 at 05:06 PM

Hey everyone,

My good buddy, Robslob, just got through with some pretty serious back surgery. Rob is pretty well known to anyone who regularly visits these forums. I am sure he would love to hear from you during his time of recovery.

Talked with him this morning and he is doing fine considering. Been giving the pain med pump a pretty good workout.

cyclone88 - 4/11/2018 at 05:11 PM

Wishing a good recovery. He's a voice of reason.

piacere - 4/11/2018 at 05:48 PM

Back surgery's a drag. Hang tough. Hope you're up and around soon.

steved - 4/11/2018 at 06:58 PM

Hey Robslob wishing you a speedy recovery. Always enjoy your input on these pages.

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fensranger - 4/11/2018 at 07:29 PM

get well soon. miss your posts and input

OriginalGoober - 4/11/2018 at 08:03 PM

Get well and be careful with all the opiates they offer these days

dadof2 - 4/11/2018 at 08:36 PM

Get well soon,Rob...enjoy the playoffs...

LeglizHemp - 4/11/2018 at 09:08 PM

Get well soon Rob

pixielf - 4/11/2018 at 09:38 PM

Back surgery..ouch! Sure hope what was bothering you is now gone forever. It's not fun to deal with pain every day. Just ask me.

Wishing you a speedy recovery!

tbomike - 4/11/2018 at 09:42 PM

Hope he will have a speedy recovery.

For rob's sake I hope he was on pain killers if he was watching his Warriors get beat by 40 pts last night!

harvey - 4/11/2018 at 10:51 PM

Speedy recuperation Rob!!

shep66 - 4/12/2018 at 01:01 AM

Best wishes to him. Hopefully he has a quick recovery. Please tell him we hope all is well soon. Give him a computer so he can stay up to date on the Interwebs.

CanadianMule - 4/12/2018 at 02:23 AM

Get well soon, Rob. Hopefully it is leading you to a pain free future.

BIGV - 4/12/2018 at 02:53 AM

Hey Man, heal up!....

jszfunk - 4/12/2018 at 11:36 AM

Wishing you a speedy recovery!!

bird72 - 4/12/2018 at 01:44 PM

I will join in wishing Rob recovery and health. Do the Physical Therapy part as recommended. It is a huge part of the process and will accelerate the heal and give proper range of motion aspects which is huge in the big picture. As a trainer, I can recommend some good back stretching movements and also some non resistance exercises for back and strengthening. Strengthening abs takes the load off a back also, so as healing sets in, consider some ab work. Advice from Inland Fitness, best wishes from Bird.

TheBabe714 - 4/12/2018 at 01:48 PM

Always the best to you, let us know if you need anything. Ill be happy to send some music your way.
Be well and be strong.

peach-head - 4/12/2018 at 02:22 PM

Hers to a good recovery.

amyjared - 4/12/2018 at 02:44 PM

Good luck on the recovery --hope you heal fast and pain-free! Miss you on here!

goldtop - 4/12/2018 at 02:52 PM

Get well soon Rob!!

PhotoRon286 - 4/12/2018 at 04:51 PM

Get well soon bro!

The_Newt - 4/12/2018 at 05:01 PM

Here's to a fast healing and recovery. Feel better soon.

Stephen - 4/12/2018 at 05:26 PM

Best to you bro -- a walk thru the park, back surgery is not -- it'll all prove to have been worth it -- same thing Warriors, not a walk in the park but should handle Spurs same way you're handling this -- Curry riding exercise bike & progressing well they said -- hope you too bro

Randall - 4/12/2018 at 06:00 PM

Hope your mending goes smoothly and successfully Rob. I'll echo bird's advice- post-op therapy is important, so I hope that goes well also.

pops42 - 4/12/2018 at 06:16 PM

Hope you are well, and getting some green relief.

BigDaveOnBass - 4/12/2018 at 07:43 PM

Best wishes for Rob from GA!!

Fretsman - 4/12/2018 at 07:50 PM

Feel better Rob, It sucks to get old, Maybe the Who had it right, JK. I had double disk replacement last year, This option was better than fusion that they'd have to go back in to mitain hardware and such. I've been having new issues with 2 herniations on the disks right below the C4-5 and C5-6 replacements. It can be brutal at times forcing my guitars to stay on the stands. Wishing you the best with a full recovery and no new issues, God Bless.

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Sang - 4/12/2018 at 07:58 PM

Good luck on the recovery.................

BigDaveOnBass - 4/12/2018 at 09:00 PM

Feel better Rob, It sucks to get old.....
As my dear old dad used to say, "Getting old ain't for sissies."

gina - 4/12/2018 at 09:04 PM

Feel better. Get some pillows and a towel and ask for someone to show you body mechanics, how you can position your body so that it takes the pressure off your back so you can get some rest. If you can't sleep, Alex Jones has 'Alex Jones Knock Out' which is a natural concoction that (I think it has Melatonin in it) that will help you get to sleep. Reporters get wired like everybody else, and have limited hours to sleep sometimes, so you take some melatonin, and get 6 good hours of sleep and wake up with no hangover.

You could also try one of those air mattresses which are great, no pressure on your body at all. You can get them at any sports supply store.

Vitamin C enhances pain meds (will make them last longer), and when they put you on pills, take them with anything carbonated to get them to kick in faster!

BigDaveOnBass - 4/12/2018 at 09:06 PM

Vitamin C enhances pain meds (will make them last longer), and when they put you on pills, take them with anything carbonated to get them to kick in faster!
Beer!!! Beer + codeine = BZZZZZZZZZZZ!!

robslob - 4/12/2018 at 09:24 PM

More evidence of what a fine communal group is. Thanks to ALL of you for the well wishes.

I'm only two days past my surgery. Thank God for Dilaudid and Norco because the pain is just excruciating but it's getting better and I'm getting through it.

My surgeon came by my room this morning. I think I was very, very fortunate to have him on my case. My first clue about that was when my friend Dave heard his name. "He's the one who fixed my wife's neck.. He is wonderful!" And several nurses have commented to me regarding how good he is.

As he told me this morning, this was a complex procedure.. He removed discs at L2-L3 and L3-L4 and the fused both junctions together using screws and stabilizing rods. Airport metal detectors and I will have a close relationship soon.

But here's the biggie: One of those discs had slipped upward way behind the vertebrae. My surgeon said that this disc was so firmly embedded in the vertebrae that he had to shave down the bone a lot just to be able to pull it out of there.
Magician that he is, he got 'er done. Don't forget that all the while he was working in very close proximity to the spinal cord. I admire Doctors who have a nice evening at home with their family and then the next morning have the balls to do something like this.

Here's something else I found very impressive: I was in the pre-op area waiting to be taken in for my procedure. A female MD came in and introduced herself. "I will put sensors in your spinal cord. My sole responsibility during the procedure is to monitor your spinal cord and be sure we do not damage it during the procedure."

Obviously they know what they're doing at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center.

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emr - 4/12/2018 at 09:33 PM

1 - Continued good luck with your recovery Rob.
2 - This is why the good lord invented Vicodin. Almost like a witch-hunt to keep people from being medicated when truly needed.
3 - Had lower back surgery 14 years ago. The relief from the pain was one of the great joys in my life.
4 - Scariest thing was coming to in recovery under alight that seemed to be getting wider and brighter. Had the feeling that Jesus was coming to get me; and f-it ; I had picked the wrong religion
5 - Cervical surgery is scarier than lumbar cause of the level in the spinal cord. But once that hurdle is overcome remember that no matter how swelled one's head may be it is a lot lighter than a body. Makes recover easier

tcatanesi - 4/13/2018 at 04:19 PM

Santa Clara Valley Medical Center provides excellent care. Our son spent the first five days of his life there in the NICU 30 years ago.

Good to hear you are on the mend, Rob. Wishing you a full and healthy recovery!

BrerRabbit - 4/13/2018 at 04:36 PM

Glad it went well, here's to speedy recovery !

ABBDutchFan - 4/13/2018 at 06:36 PM

Hoping for a full and speedy recovery!

StratDal - 4/15/2018 at 11:49 PM

I'm sorry Rob. Back surgery sucks. Per your post, sounds like the surgery went well and you're being well attended too.

Here's to a healthy recovery for ya. Cheers!

Some Stormy Monday to chill to.

cyclone88 - 4/16/2018 at 12:24 AM

Glad you had great docs, good care, good drugs, and are on the mend. I don't even want to think about what actually was done so I skipped the details. Posts aren't the same w/o you.

crazyjoe - 4/16/2018 at 05:41 PM

Sure hope You feeling better Rob!........Peace.......joe

bluedad - 4/17/2018 at 06:51 PM

Get back in the race soon Rob !

musicmann - 4/18/2018 at 07:00 PM

Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery!

gina - 4/19/2018 at 12:00 AM

With the Dilaudid, you'll be fine.

Look on the positive side about the future airport screeners, they may have to really check you out! and spend extra time doing it, you pay enough for luggage and fees, at least you can get something out of it!

The Doctors and anesthesia people are usually great, they love what they do, and you are the star of the show. Do what they tell you to do and enjoy the peaceful feelings you will have while you get well.

PeachNutt - 4/19/2018 at 10:59 PM

Rob, Wishing you a speedy recovery and hope you're doing well.

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