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Sang - 4/10/2018 at 12:53 AM

This is sad - I finally bought the Oppo high end player before 4k came out (if 4k ever gets going - I don't care). The big selling point was it played all the media I had - cd, dvd, blu-ray, DVD-A, SACD and burned cd's and DVD's. I was able to get rid of a Pioneer SACD DVD player and a Sony CD carousel, and move a cheaper blu-ray player downstairs when I bought the Oppo. What a great player it is...... sorry to see them go.

Oppo Digital to gradually stop making Blu-ray players and headphones

Oppo Digital may not be the best-known company in the electronics game, but it has made its fair share of great products, like its UDP-205 Ultra HD Blu-ray player and its PM3 headphones, which sound incredible for the price. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that we’ll be seeing more of these in the future; on Monday, April 2, the company announced in a blog post that it plans to gradually stop manufacturing new products.

While it won’t be making new products, Oppo Digital says it will continue to support its existing ones. That said, just how much support your device gets will depend on how recent it is. “Newer products such as the UDP-203 and UDP-205 will likely receive more frequent upgrades while mature products such as the BDP-103 and earlier models will only get firmware upgrades if there are critical fixes,” an FAQ entry at the bottom of the blog post reads.

Though this means that recent buyers of Oppo Digital Blu-ray players don’t need to worry, the company seems to understand why you may not want to hold on to a new product from a company that just announced it’s mostly putting its business to bed. If you purchased your player within the last 30 days, the company will issue a full refund.

A separate company from phone maker Oppo Electronics, though owned by the same parent company, Oppo Digital was founded in 2004. The other Oppo operates independently and isn’t affected in any way by this news. The blog post doesn’t indicate why Oppo Digital is ceasing development of new hardware, though the wording in the post points to financial woes — perhaps not all that surprising for a company best known for making high-end Blu-ray players in a market increasingly reliant on streaming.

“From now on, OPPO Digital will focus our main effort on organizing and ensuring long term support for the existing generation of products,” the post reads. “As such, we will not have the resources to develop and release new generations of products”

Oppo Digital will continue to sell its existing players though its website and authorized retailers, though the company warns that at some point, models will go out of stock. While Oppo Digital hasn’t said so, this likely means that we’ll start to see the company’s products marked down, so if you’re looking to buy a new Blu-ray player, you may want to keep an eye out. dphone-sales/

jszfunk - 4/10/2018 at 11:33 AM

Never heard of them until now. I guess because they charge 400 to 1000 for headphones..out of my league.

Sang - 4/10/2018 at 05:12 PM

They were one of the only players out there that played all types of disks in one unit for a (somewhat) reasonable price...... and the audio processing is worth the investment..........

nebish - 4/13/2018 at 01:22 AM

The OPPO units are really nice. I have the 103 model. I once tried a competing comparable Yamaha player and the function and interaction wasn't even close. In an era when companies were making cheaper and cheaper CD/DVD players with less functionality, OPPO delivered a product to fit the niche of people like us that wanted a new player for legacy media (I guess that is what they call it now). Streaming is pretty convenient, but I enjoy having my physical discs still.

Never used their headphones though. I have some Grados I like.

AVS forum is a good spot for keeping up on OPPO models and news as well.

Sang - 4/13/2018 at 04:27 AM

I think I have the 105D - and I also have Grado headphones.............

CanadianMule - 4/13/2018 at 03:12 PM

Does it play FLAC? LOL - I have a huge stack of discs that all sorts of people sent me with all sorts of wonderful music on there supposedly. But WTF is FLAC?

Teasing - but it's true. By the time Flac came around, I already had been sent hundreds of discs that I had no time to listen to - never mind start converting things.

Wonder what's on them?

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