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plqmule - 3/13/2018 at 03:15 PM

Warren and Scofield sat in with Steve Morse & The Dixie Dregs
last night at the Cap.

tbomike - 3/13/2018 at 04:13 PM


tommars - 3/13/2018 at 06:28 PM

Going to see the Dregs on L.I. on Thursday. I haven't see Steve Morse since 89 or so. His band opened for Larry Carlton at the beacon. Great memory. Saw the Stones at Shea the next night. Not bad for a kid back then.
I got into Steve around the time Satriani was big with Surfing with the Alien. Shredder guitar was in. I think Steve was a cut above those guys, maybe due to the southern influence via Twiggs.
Haven't listened to the Dregs in years but excited to see what they got now.

blackey - 3/13/2018 at 09:18 PM

When it comes to shredder style, Steve Morse can blow by Warren or any guitar player ever in the Area Brothers. Recently saw vid of Gary Moore on red strat with lightening fast shredding on The Messiah Will Come on YouTube. Maybe the fastest I've ever seen. Before Van Halen the guys writing in the Guitar rags were big on Carlos Santana and George Benson. But Eddie blew by them and became the darling. To me if you tell Eddie he can use the double hammer on, Steve Morse, Gary Moore, Steve Via and some others own it.

Also to me I get tired of shredding after 3 or 4 songs and get more for my soul from the Allman Brothers, Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughn and even B. B. King!!

downsouth - 3/13/2018 at 09:25 PM

Been meaning to post here about the Dregs show Sat 3/3 at the Center Stage in Atlanta.

I've listened a bit to the Dregs records, and could dig some of their stuff, but sometimes the 70's sound / production / schlock just turned me off to really diving too deep. Morse is a monster, yet in this setting, he is one of mostly equals.

Not having really listened to them, i went into the show with no expectations, and fresh ears.

HOLY SMOKES!!!!! They were firing on all cylinders, and completely floored me. I just watched & listened in amazement to what was going down, and it was completely mindblowing!! All of them can play like mofo's, and the ensemble playing was great all around. The "sound" they have today, is NOTHING like the recordings i had heard. It's hard to describe exactly what it should be called, but it was quite an experience for this avid listener of fine music.

The crowd was quite the mix, and lots of females surprisingly for this type of music, but looked like lots of long time fans.

Taking it all in was just an amazing experience, and such a musical treat for me. We rabid fans sometimes lack the ability to be surprised, or hear some thing truly "new" to us.

If this is coming to your neck of the woods, GET OUT & SEE the Dixie Dregs!!!!

thetoweringfool - 3/14/2018 at 01:40 AM

Very well said down south. I saw the Charleston show and it was absolutely amazing. The term ensemble playing is very ferocious as Morse is, he was among u said. Go out and see the Dregs!

Zambi - 3/14/2018 at 03:28 PM

When it comes to shredder style, Steve Morse can blow by Warren or any guitar player ever in the Area Brothers.

With the exception of Jimmy Herring, if we still count his 8 months in the band in 2000. I would say Jimmy's playing style (or at least, his earlier playing style) was 2 parts Steve Morse, 1 part each of Scott Henderson and Alan Holdsworth, and 3 parts Zambi. Of course with Jimmy's own style mixed in with that gumbo.

There are (or were) some great Youtube vids up of Steve Morse sitting in with the Capricorn lineup of Aquarium Rescue Unit from their joint-tour in 1990. It's a lot of fun to see Morse and Jimmy playing together. Morse doesn't allow taping, so sometimes the vids get cut or pulled down, but they seem to pop up again from time to time. Also, Alan Paul has a great write-up of this tour when he first saw ARU.

mikesolo - 3/17/2018 at 01:48 AM

Saw The Dixie Dregs last night in Huntington. FANTASTIC! First got blown away by them live in 1981 at Hofstra University and they smoked once again last night. Not likely many more chances to see this band again after this tour so check them out if you can!

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