Thread: Playing some B.O. today

steved - 11/11/2017 at 07:37 PM

Nothing like the ABB original lineup and Berry Oakley drivin
The Tractor. Another gone too soon. RIP Brother Berry. 45 years today

pops42 - 11/11/2017 at 10:01 PM

Like Duane, he was a young man, but played like a seasoned vet!. gone but NEVER forgotten.

blackey - 11/11/2017 at 10:12 PM

I completely agree. Later line ups laid down some great shows. But the entire package that was the Allman Brothers Band is only found in the original line up.

Gregg's voice and organ playing plus the guitar styles of Duane and Dickey and how they complimented each other and their point/counter point backing off each other coupled to Berry's unique bass style and how he would join Duane and Dickey's guitar riffs then fall back on the bass line and move in and out of the pocket without the bottom end suffering at all is just stunning. And mix all that together with the drumming styles of Butch and Jaimoe, you got the pure sound of the Allman Brothers whether it's original or cover material.

Listen to the live material off Eat A Peach and all of Fillmore East. Compare One Way Out, Statesboro Blues, Elizabeth Reed etc to versions by later lineups and a lot of the little things from the two guitars and the bass guitar are weaving into the mix are not there in later lineups. Don't get me wrong, many later lineups we're really bringing it and leaving a trail of smoke when they left the stage, but they never laid down those old song like the original ABB did.

And I guess we wouldn't have liked it if later guitar players and bass players had tried to clone Duane, Berry and later Dickey. The real Allman Brothers ended when we lost Duane and Berry. And that is proper I suppose just as Ronnie Van Zant, Allen Collins and Ed King are needed to be the Skynyrd band when it broke through. Oddly though the original Skynyrd lineup had been changed a bit when they broke out with their first album. Maybe similar to the Chuck/Lamar lineup being the first line up a lot of people heard by the ABB because of Brothers and Sisters. I would tell them " Take this copy of Fillmore East and Eat A Peach home and discover what the real ABB sounded like"

I think in 1989, Warren and Allen pressed Gregg and Dickey to go back to as close to the original band as possible and it seems it got even closer after they didn't renew Johnny Neal's contract.

griff - 11/12/2017 at 05:59 AM

Berry Oakley!
"The Original Gumbo".
Nuthin' like it before or since.

wearly89 - 11/13/2017 at 01:36 AM

He was even better with Tommy Roe. Just love that jammin' sound of those classic hits like "Dizzy." That's real rock 'n roll!

griff - 11/13/2017 at 05:29 AM

He was even better with Tommy Roe. Just love that jammin' sound of those classic hits like "Dizzy." That's real rock 'n roll!

StratDal - 11/13/2017 at 12:26 PM

As I've posted before, it was Duane's band but Berry made it go.

Stephen - 11/13/2017 at 04:07 PM

"One was the apostle, the other the deacon" -- Butch, Red Dog, others over the years
"This is a religion we're spreading here" -- Duane

Hearing Berry sit in w/Duane & Dickey on Little Martha for the first time all those years later when the Dreams box came out, it was a Transcendent moment

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