Thread: Derek at the Beacon

jsdonnan - 10/12/2017 at 08:54 PM

I have seen TTB countless times. While I have seen him go over & face Kofi & jam with him, or the bass player, or the drummers, this run he seems to be in this area with his back to the audience getting deep into a solo. Even when he is in his regular spot he seems to have his back to the audience more and more. The performances have been stellar, but his facing the rear of the stage seems new to me. Am I overthinking this? Any comments or observations?

JimSheridan - 10/13/2017 at 03:24 AM

No, it is a good question, especially because it reverses a trend: I'd say Derek has been more and more physically "audience friendly" with the TTB than I had ever seen with DTB or ABB. He has been smiling and laughing, moving around, facing the crowd with more confidence and emotion than ever.

But from what I see in the Beacon videos, while he shows plenty of energy and emotion, he does indeed turn back to the band more frequently.

Is it due to all of the special guests and newer tunes creating a greater need for focus due to some unfamiliarity? Is it louder on stage? Is it the Beacon sound?

My wish: he is straining to get it right because they will release some live material. Who knows?!

Fretsman - 10/13/2017 at 11:27 AM

He wants the focus on whoever is taking a solo, and what better way than to eyeball them as they're doing so, Some folks direct attention by pointing fingers, he points with his eyes.

I'm a guitar guy. I love to focus on the fingers when guitarists have their way with the fretboard. I would prefer them all to face out, but also love how his priority and concentration is to his band mates. He seems to lock in so to speak.

RobJohnson - 10/14/2017 at 12:28 AM

It is clearly an homage to Miles Davis, who was notorious for being indifferent to the audience and turning his back to them.

Subtle nod, Derek. I like it. Miles would approve.

jsdonnan - 10/14/2017 at 01:27 AM

I was thinking the same thing Rob. But with Miles I thought it was arrogance. With Derek, I was hoping it was not. That is what I admire about Derek. He is so gifted and so down to earth.

WarEagleRK - 10/14/2017 at 07:06 PM

I think he's just watching the others play and reading where they might be heading... or leading them in the direction he wants them to head.

stormyrider - 10/14/2017 at 10:04 PM

If you look at the vid from AWTNM, the drummer's eyes are on Derek his entire solo, especially Falcon's.
Also remember that Derek doesn't use a stage monitor - it's all about the music and directing the band

I was lucky enough to see Miles once, and my take on it was that he was very often playing to the other band members to coax them to play off of what he was playing. I don't remember seeing much of his back - more his side as he was facing the other guys. An amazing presence on stage.

Fretsman - 10/16/2017 at 05:16 PM

Here's Done Somebody Wrong from 10/10/17. Some sweet interplay between Derek, Oliver, & Susan....

leafsfan - 10/16/2017 at 07:33 PM

And MJ from Saturday

Marley - 10/16/2017 at 08:32 PM

And MJ from Saturday

This is fantastic.

Fretsman - 10/16/2017 at 09:28 PM

This is fantastic! Thanx

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