Thread: Anyone seen Eric Gales?

nebish - 3/18/2017 at 02:41 PM

I'm thinking about going to see him this week. Anyone care to share their thoughts who have seen him?

I bought a couple studio CDs several years ago that didn't leave a lasting impression, but thinking of checking him out live which I expect to be better.

redhouse1969 - 3/20/2017 at 07:49 PM

He is an interesting player... you have to overlook the quick comparison to Hendrix..

Gales has a lot of different things going on. I'd go if he were nearby...

berkhath - 3/20/2017 at 10:09 PM

Only w Experience Hendrix.

I, too, bought his first 2-3 releases waaaay back when, haven't listened to them in years, but would love to see him in a club setting.

thresher - 3/21/2017 at 02:43 AM

I saw him with the Hendrix Experice. He was one of the best on stage the whole night. And definitely the best version of Foxy Lady I've ever heard. Really slow and smooth. I'd love to see him on his own.

nebish - 3/21/2017 at 01:51 PM


I'll post Friday and let you know how it was.

nebish - 3/24/2017 at 02:23 PM

Show was last night.

Band didn't take the stage until about 9:30 and how they do it is the drummer and bass player lay down a groove for a bit then they introduce Gales. His wife is also in the band handling additional percussion and sound effects/back ground vocals.

He appeared pretty happy to be in Cleveland and said some of the stuff right off the bat I had heard him say on a 2017 show I downloaded. If you go see him I can almost guarantee he will say "I promise you the next time I come here will be alot sooner than last time I was here" or something to that effect. Turns out this show was the US release of the new Middle of the Road album which was released in February overseas and March 24 in the US. So he talked about that "in 3 hours our new CD goes on sale tomorrow, but you don't have to wait we have it tonight".

So they go into the first song "Change In Me" off the new record and his wife was motioning like "turn it up" a few times and finally Gales stopped. He was mad at the sound crew (unsure if it was his or house technicians). He said "I don't normally do this" and he had the sound guys turn up all the stage monitors while he strummed until satisfied. Afterward he explained that he needs it loud to get the vibe going that he wants.

They restart "Change In Me" which was just a jammy song, which they finish, and he was enjoying the crowd's appreciation...looked like they were ready for the next song, but they did a "Change In Me" reprise. They didn't do that on a previous 2017 show I have. Afterwards Mrs Gales said "I'm sorry to interrupt, but is it where you want it (meaning volume)". His reply was "I'm going to make it work" and then he went on to talk some more about volume and sound and what he likes.

I'm not sure the next song name, but they again finished it, appeared like they were done and then did a reprise of that song as well.

The early part of the show seemed a little odd. I didn't sense much enthusiasm out of the drummer or bass player, Mrs Gales was smiling and Eric was doing his part to have a good time and give it to us, just something seemed off with the atmosphere up on stage.

Well, later he went on to say that his drummer just had 6 teeth pulled two days ago and he was fighting through it, which kind of explained it.

Really at about the midway point the band seemed to really settle in and it was a really hot show for the entire second hour.

Eric talked about he had messed up his life for 25 years with drugs. Said he was trying to die as high as he could. He also mentioned July 15th of last year, which may have been when he bottomed out. His wife occasionally got emotional when Eric was talking about it, he would say "don't mind my wife, she just happy". And he went on to say that what they have come from, what they came out of and how lucky he is to be here today. Said his wife would lay next to him with her finger under his nose to make sure he was breathing. He has been sober now for 8.5 months he says. He talked about God and how something, somewhere saved him for a purpose. A touch preachy for a moment, which he admitted it was, but he talked in a heart felt way.

On the other 2017 show he did talk about his past a little, but he talked alot more often tonight and for alot longer, to the extent that I thought it would cut the show short since they took the stage at 9:30 and 11:00 is usually when bands wrap it up. I listened to the 1-13-17 show on the way home and he was much more talkative and personal last night that at that show. Must've just been the mood he was in.

But they played until 11:30 so we got a full 2 hours which is cool.

"Swamp" was a pretty fiery song, they all let it go. Mrs Gales just went off on this hand drum, then had to walk off stage to compose herself, that is when Gales talked about "she just happy" and the hard times they came from. Then he did "Catfish Blues" and "Voodoo Child". Earlier he played a nice "Don't Fear the Reaper" which I assume was something he added to the 2017 tour based off of his dark 2016 period. It was all instrumental and ranged from so very softly played notes, to raucous jamming. Drummer did some showing off during this one too.

It was different and ended up with some really high points after a rocky start.

Gales went to the merch table afterwards to sign and meet people, take photos etc. I bought the new LP and CD.

I really liked the opening band as well, a local Cleveland band called Thirteen Cadillacs which just put out an EP with some covers and some originals. A few people were there supporting them. Maybe 150 people in the place for Eric.

midnightvwdriver - 3/27/2017 at 09:10 AM

I am a huge fan of the late guitarist Eric Gale ( no "s " ) and long ago bought an album by Eric Gales Band thinking it was Eric Gale. They are very different. Gale was like Cornell Dupree ( who he often recorded and played with ) i.e. in the George Benson / Wes Montgomery tone/ style. Eric Gales is more in the heavy blues rock style ( by comparison ) I'm glad he beat his drug demons. I think I'll give him another listen.

cmgst34 - 3/27/2017 at 04:57 PM

He'll be in-studio on XM's Bluesville at noon eastern on Wednesday.

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